Web apps unlike software applications that run locally and natively on the operating system of the device, are software that run in a web browser. One example of web apps are simply websites, web shops and internet portals. Below we are presenting more examples of services within the web area.


The website is responsible for both the first impression and further shaping the professional image of the company, product, service or person on the internet. We know that only interactive solutions lead to business success. We care for the satisfaction of our Clients by creating a wide spectrum of possibilities. We understand our work, that’s why our projects are ROI focused, constantly reaching a wide audience in a given industry. In line with our mission, we focus only on modern websites, which will always be attractive to the recipient.


E-commerce is a broad term that describes enterprises related to the production and sale of goods and services via the Internet in both B2B and B2C models. Online stores are undoubtedly the most important and most often used tool by entrepreneurs, which opens wide access to an unlimited number of potential customers. Satisfying the online market should be a definite priority for sales companies. We implement tailored online stores that use the latest e-commerce solutions which allow you to enter the e-commerce market or increase sales from solutions already implemented in the company.

Landing Pages

Landing page is a dedicated website or subpage of a given website, which the user gets to by clicking the referring link, e.g. from a search engine, AdWords campaign, on Facebook or from a partner’s website. An effective landing page is one that meets one specific key goal – buying a good, ordering a service, or subscribing to a mailing list. Thanks to the clarity of the message, focus on specific marketing and sales goals, and consistency with brand identification, a properly designed landing page can effectively achieve the goals set for it.


CMS, or Content Management System, is a system in the form of an administrative panel, thanks to which authorized persons can make changes in the web application (e.g. in a website or mobile application). Thanks to this type of solution, work on the site or any given project and its modernization is much faster and more economical, because the customer or a person designated by him can make changes on the site by himself.


CRM, or Customer Relationship Management is software that stores all information about customers, partners, suppliers and all those who are associated with the company in any way. With this solution, you can easily check the customer history, manage correspondence, prepare and send offers, choose the most profitable customers, organize the work of sales representatives.

Group Work Systems

Group work systems are usually a set of IT tools which main goal is to improve cooperation between employees and clients. Their idea is to support all forms of communication channels including e-mail, file sharing, instant messages or voice communication covering not only electronic messengers, VoIP but also ordinary telephones. A characteristic feature of these systems is often the ability to run projects that require close cooperation and exchange of all forms of information.

HTML5 Banners

HTML5 banners for marketing campaigns are an attractive form of product and service promotion. Thanks to them, advertising becomes very attractive as it can be enriched with additional interactive elements (buttons, slide, animations).We design and program advertising banners created for the purposes of advertising campaigns.

Technical Support

The Technical Support Team aims to effectively support clients, partners and implementation teams in solving technical problems related to software. Thanks to this, we can not only solve current problems, but also prevent the emergence of new ones and disseminate best practices.