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Small format printing

Despite the fact that the Internet is the main advertising field of any company today, physical forms of advertising are still very important. Small-format printing includes such prints as business cards, leaflets, folded leaflets, posters, invitations and greeting cards, catalogs, offer folders, price lists, CD / DVD covers and many other products.

Large format printing

Large format printing includes prints such as: advertising banners, meshes, self-adhesive films, advertising / information boards, advertising signs, back-light foil, billboards and posters, canvas printing, Roll-UP systems, materials for covering trade fair stands and many other products.


Printing of stickers and labels as well as wrapping includes prints such as: self-adhesive labels, stickers, wrapping advertising windows, car wrapping (windscreen wrapping with OWV film, wrapping with foil cut with a plotter, wrapping with self-adhesive foil) and many other products.

Technical documentation

Traditional, paper-based documentation remains a necessity in many situations. Currently, however, there is no freehand sketch made with a pencil. As a paper version of the documentation, first of all, a high-quality printout made using special engineering software is used. The printed project is not only very useful, but often even required – e.g. by institutions supervising the course of investment.

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Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.
– Steve Jobs


We are a group of experts with great experience and skillset.

Matthew J. Madura
CEO & CTO, Co-Founder
Simon Gluza
CFO & COO, Co-Founder
Sigurður Þór Friðþórsson
CMO & CCO, Co-Founder
David Wilk
Project manager
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We recommend the TechState.io as a company characterized by professionalism and the highest quality of services offered. We are satisfied with the course and effects of the cooperation. We value TechState.io for reliability, unconventional approach to the tasks performed, excellent contact with the client and understanding of his needs.

Sigurður Auðberg Davíðsson Löve
Operations Manager - The City of Reykjavík

TechState.io provides our labor unions with ongoing support in the field of online advertising activities. TechState.io has recently successfully modernized our website. All orders are carried out in accordance with our expectations, competently and reliably. We confirm that TechState.io is a reliable and recommendable business partner..

Stanley Pétur Kowal
The President Of The Board - Kópur Labor Unions

TechState.io Interactive Agency is a reliable, honest and recommendable partner. Cooperation at the highest level. Flexible and open approach to the client and his needs. Ingenuity combined with professionalism. Thank you for preparing the website of the Polish Culture Festival at the request of the Reykjanesbær Commune.

Marta Magdalena Niebieszczańska
CEO of Polish Culture Festival / Reykjanesbær Commune


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