A mobile application is software created specifically to run on a mobile device, like a phone, tablet, or watch. Mobile apps differ from web apps and desktop applications, which operate in web browsers and desktop computers. Below we are presenting more examples of services within the mobile area.

Android Apps

With an 80% share of the global market, Android remains the most popular operating system when creating mobile applications. They are an integral part of a smartphone, tablet or TV. Devices that work on the Android platform are always close to you, being used many times a day. Your brand that appears on those devices must be unique. The application interface should be exquisite, modern and perfectly harmonize with the visual identification line of the entire company.

iOS Apps

The iOS operating system is the second most popular solution used by mobile devices after Android. The popularity of both systems requires entrepreneurs to adapt their offer to both groups of recipients. However, professional development of iOS applications requires vast knowledge and experience. The iOS operating system is alive and constantly evolving, which is why developers offering to create iOS applications must absolutely develop their skills and adapt to a changing environment.

Native Apps

Native applications are mobile applications created for a specific platform (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc.). Each platform has its own programming language dedicated to it (Android – Java, iOS – Objective-C, Windows Phone – C #). Such applications are usually characterized by high speed of operation, have direct access to components of the mobile device such as GPS, accelerometer or camera, it is not necessary for the application to have access to the Internet.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid applications combine the features of native and web applications. Such applications are installed as native applications, but use many web-specific solutions. They can be easily integrated with websites. Creating such an application requires less financial and time expenditure, because part of the code is platform independent.

Mobile games

The modern world is becoming more and more mobile, so games are changing as well. Mobile games are really games that we play on mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. Usually these are devices based on Android, iOS and Windows Phone systems. The market for this type of games is experiencing a huge boom since the first iPhone appeared. People are increasingly choosing to play on a smartphone than on a computer.