The protection of computer systems and networks from information disclosure, theft, or damage to any part of infrastructure as well as the disruption or misdirection of the services they offer, is what is known as cyber security.

Penetration Testing & Security Assessments

We have several years of experience performing network penetration testing and application security inspections, and it is one of our key services. We have currently given our clients several hundred tests. All of our testers who execute tests are certified with various credentials, including as has an established track record in the area of cyber security and are OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional). We deliver penetration tests like PCI DSS Penetration Testing Guidance in accordance with the formal specifications frequently demanded by customers. All of our reports are created by consultants rather than being mindlessly produced by security scanners. Additionally, our pentesters have successfully participated in bug bounty programs and found numerous vulnerabilities in well-known applications.

Red Teaming Operations / Adversary Simulation

We are able to deliver high quality simulated APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) attacks, also known as CPH (Cyber-Physical-Human) red teaming, because of our extensive understanding in the cybersecurity industry. Red teaming exercises are designed to simulate actual cyber attack scenarios that could be directed at a particular organization. Red team exercises are intended to gauge a target company's security posture, employee awareness, and internal security teams like SOC's reaction times (Security Operations Center).

Cybersecurity Audit

IT security audits are performed to ensure that the organization's infrastructure complies with security requirements and is free of security flaws that could jeopardize confidentiality, integrity, or availability.

Blue Teaming

Our distinctive method stands out due to the fact that we focus on a wider viewpoint and do not solely base our detection on known active criminal organizations, allowing us to more effectively detect targeted attacks that are not picked up by standard tools and security software. Threat hunting is a process, not a technology, and it is continuously changing. Red teaming, penetration testing, as well as the analysis and detection of such assaults - digital forensics and incident response - have all given us a good understanding of real attacks and trail covering strategies.

Digital Forensics & Incident Response

We provide professional computer forensics services, particularly those that are connected to cybersecurity, or DFIR (Digital Forensics and Incident Response). To carry out our forensics analysis, we make use of both commercial tools and highly specialized equipment.

Security Research

Most often, we provide specialized, non-standard solutions for picky clients. Targeted security research is one of the services we offer for browsers, client-server programs, operating systems, and other devices (mobile, IT/OT/IoT). For our clients, we create specialized software that may be used both offensively and defensively.