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Kartikeya is a Windows Desktop application created for the owners of websites, webshops, digital agencies and hosting providers. It is connecting many diagnostic and information features along with full vulnerability scan of given domains, fuzzing, auto-exploitation tools along with Metasploit extension. The scan can be extended with a Red Team mode, which consists of more then 70 active exploits with non-damaging payloads to give administrators real picture when it comes to severity of the vulnerabilities present on their websites.

This software connects the power of different red team techniques, that can be used to make full penetration test of websites and web application that belong to the user and asses the severity of security flaws. Software has a DNS-based ownership confirmation mechanism, that prevents it to be used in malicious ways on the domains and servers, that do not belong to the user.

Official release date of Kartikeya Protector is August 2024.

  • Cybersecurity

  • Software Engineering

  • Desktop Application

  • .NET 6.0

  • C#

  • Python