What Is UX and What Is UI

UX and UI are both concepts connected to app development in mobile, web, and desktop architecture. Yet, quite often people tend to mix these two. In our quick guide, we want to establish what both specializations are, and how they differ from each other.

What Is UX?

UX stands for User Experience and the name says it all. This side of an app is the sum of all experiences a user gains while using the product. We could say that it realizes the emotional impact an app can elicit.
Taking good care of the UX side should result in more useful, intuitive, esthetic, practical, and user-friendly products. After all, these elements are what make people trust your product.

What Does UX Include?

To put it simply, UX is both the package and the product inside, as well as how the consumer approaches and takes advantage of it. That is why we find it crucial for the UX side of an app to fulfill the following elements:

  • Well-planned interactions,
  • Good-looking and easy-to-use interface,
  • An attractive overall design,
  • Valuable and comprehensible content,
  • Adequate information architecture.

UX is a methodology that can save time and money while working on any product development. This part of the process is the closest to the actual experiences users get from using the product.

What is UI?

Opposite to UX, we have got UI, meaning User Interface. This part of an app design and development stands for a collection of elements within the visual side. Thus, UI realizes itself as the more technical aspect of a product.
While UI focuses on the way an app presents itself, it does not necessarily mean that the product will be user-friendly. That is where UX steps in to complement the development.

How Should the UI Stand Out?

Aiming for a clear, intuitive, and alluring interface should be the goal of any UI designer. There is a handful of attractive trends, which currently occupy the market, including:

  • Introduction of dark modes,
  • Extensive use of gradients,
  • Micro animations,
  • 3D graphics,
  • AI-controlled speech interfaces.

You want your UI to stand out? Following current trends, which are being introduced by the most popular desktop, web, and mobile apps is a sufficient idea. Furthermore, it helps the product to blend with the market expectations, creating a better user experience.

What Is the Difference Between UX and UI?

User experience and user interface are very much connected – one side of design and development complements the other. In the past, they used to go hand in hand. Yet, as the user-oriented app production became more important, UI/UX became two separate specializations.
UX implements the way that users see the product. User experience designers explore the current needs and expectations of the customers. In the meantime, they create the architectural concepts and interactive prototypes of different apps.
UI can mean the way a graphic designer “suits up” the prototype prepared by the UX specialist. At this point, UI creators work on the use of colors, visuals, typography. Thus, they focus on all the elements affecting the product’s attractiveness and effectiveness.
As you can see, the difference between UX and UI is quite significant. That being said, we need to outline that both these sides of app production have the same goal. Users’ satisfaction.

Choose the Right UX and UI Designers and Developers

For any customer looking for the best UX/UI, it is crucial to know the difference between them. As well as understand how they are inseparable. Together, these two sides of your product will help your mobile or web app stand out.
At TechState, we take full control of your product design and development, while delivering the best UX and UI. Whether you need a user-friendly website or an eye-catching mobile app, our team of professionals will provide outstanding services.