Kópur Labor Unions

WEB / DESIGN / MARKETING / 10.11.2020


Kópur are newly founded Labor Unions, who are governed mainly by Icelanders of foreign origin. The main reason for establishing unions was that workers who were not of Icelandic origin were often discriminated against and downplayed by their employers. These people naturally sought help in the available labor unions, but in many cases the effect of such help was far from the expected.

TECH STATE has created entire visual identification including coloristic, branding and design. Furthermore preparation of the website has been created along with establishing all the IT infrastructure for the labor unions.

At the end we prepared and now are are successfully conducting entire marketing campaign for The Client.

Kópur Labor Unions


Web, Design, Marketing

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Breaf & idea.

Kópur contacted us and explained the need to establish a trade union with the aim of helping foreign workers living in Iceland, especially those who do not speak fluent Icelandic or English. We adored the idea and started right away.

The main goal was to create a website that visually inspires confidence and has convenient language management as the website had to be in at least three languages. Our copywriters also did a great job explaining the unions’s policies and benefits


The end result was a great website that the customer was very happy with. Kópur gained professional visual recognition and a website that meets all the customer’s needs in connection with its functionality.

We served Kópur with great pleasure and will gladly continue to do so in the future.